Drawing a day
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'Drawing a day' is a series of drawings I made during my stay in Japan. These drawings were uploaded to my blog one per day from 2.12.2011 to 30.11.2012. Consisting of 365 pieces it became something of an esoteric atlas for my imagery world.

Drawing was not only a way to record the unseen or to collect impressions of Japan. More than those it was a personal reminder where I come from and where I am on a more fundamental level, regardless of my location. When I was on the road, lost in a country like Japan, landscape streaming past me, the light piece of paper became a sturdy anchor that kept my mind focused to the essential: in addition to my own roots and the foreign tradition, it reminded me of our common origins and destination, the formless earth from which we are growing forms.

See the series and more in my blog: http://reimanevalainen.blogspot.fi/

Various sizes ~A5, pencil, markers and ink on paper, 2011-2012